Good value

Our hallmark is value for money, without any hidden extras and unpleasant surprises. We take a well planned all-inclusive approach in our pricing to minimise any out-of-pocket expenses once you leave home. We include all transport, most meals, accommodation and much of the equipment you will need for your adventure. You get free use of our Trek Pack that includes among other things down jacket and sleeping bag. We also include many ‘extras’ that make a trip special. And finally we hold the advantage of not having any agents, ‘middlemen’ or offices overseas thereby significantly reducing the overhead costs which allows us to give you the best of the international standards at competitive prices.

Exciting adventures

Our trips are carefully designed to take you to exotic destinations in the Himalaya, at an unhurried pace. We have pooled our greatest adventures to create a whole range of incredible, diverse and previously unavailable adventures. They offer stunning scenery, intimate contact with local people and the opportunity to explore unique cultures.

Innovative itineraries

Our carefully thought-out itineraries are a result of our many years’ involvement in adventure tourism as trek leaders and guides, and are set to the highest standard possible to suit the most discerning traveller, adventurer and researcher allowing them to discover more of what each destination has to offer. Participants are encouraged to interact with local people and communities rather than just witness them.

Adventures for everyone

We offer a wide range of trips to choose from. Our adventure holiday trips are designed for all age groups and levels of experience.

Responsible tourism

A major focus of our operations is setting the standards in Responsible Tourism. Though we are a small company, we try to reach out in a large way by creatively using our resources where they’ll do the most good. Not only do we use the latest techniques for low-impact trekking, but we:
-share these with our guests;
-share these with our colleagues in tourism, encouraging them to take a similar approach; and
-look for opportunities to develop new techniques through our experience on the field.

Ensuring our commitment to sustainable tourism in the Himalaya, the following codes are at the very heart of all of Wild Heights’s operations and form the underlying principles of the company:

-Encourage and create opportunities for authentic, meaningful and beneficial cross-cultural interactions between hosts and guests;
-Avoid or minimize environmental impacts on fragile ecosystems and undesirable socio-cultural change imposed by tourism;
-Maximize the financial gain for local communities and host residents.


Your safety and well-being are our top priority. From our choice of equipments and leaders trained in handling emergency procedures to meticulously planned itineraries ensure that nothing is left to chance. We carry a comprehensive medical kit and include a Portable Altitude Chamber (Gamow Bag) on high altitude treks as an added safety factor. Of course, emergencies are unusual but travelling with us provides peace of mind that any eventuality will be dealt with efficiently and professionally.


We aim to offer a good quality of service under the circumstances- not luxury, but not cut-price either. We do not sacrifice interest purely for the sake of comfort. Our unique approach to personalised service will be a lesson for everyone. Because we’re locally based and operate all trips ourselves, we have direct control over the quality of our offerings. With client feedback from every trip we constantly monitor the quality of our operations and adopt positive innovations.


We solely rely on word of mouth recommendations and repeat customers for our bookings, so all our energies are focused into giving you the very best experience possible. We genuinely care about your enjoyment and it is this blend of care, passion and experience we put into each trip that make our every trip a winner. Your holiday is in our hands and our future is in yours!


We take the hassles out of your trip by focusing on the little things, ensuring that you make the most effective use of time and resources. Our all-inclusive itineraries combine all the flexibility and adventure of independent travel with the efficiency and security of organized travel. All you need to do is just turn up at the airport and we will take over thereafter!


Wild Heights believes that participation in outdoor pursuits, by its very nature should not be restrictive. Our trips are for those who are looking for the advantages of a well planned adventure holiday, yet also desire some individual freedom to do things on their own.

Local company

Because we are a local trekking company based in Kathmandu – with the entire ownership, management and permanent staff being Nepalese, we can deal with all your questions and concerns on the spot. We can give you the most up-to-date information, guidance and travel suggestions. We can provide first-hand knowledge and local insights that you can’t always find in a guidebook.

Expert advice

Our office staff are keen walkers and trekkers with an in-depth knowledge of the Himalaya. When you contact us with your queries, they are the ones who will help you choose the right trip and craft an itinerary that meets your personal interests and style. They are professionally qualified to advise you with precise information pertaining to local conditions, equipment needs, visas and all other matters related to the trip.

Local leaders

The direct involvement of professional local leaders in organising and leading your adventures ensures you will have an exceptionally informative, well-executed, and authentic experience. All our leaders speak fluent English. With years of experience and sound first-aid training, there is none better to show you the real Himalaya!


All our trekking staff are hand-picked by us chosen for their loyalty, experience, diligence and of course, good humour. The quality and service they provide are second to none. Indeed one of the most notable memories you will bring back from your holiday is the wonderful experience shared with these delightful people.


We make no compromises on the quality of equipments we use. We provide new and state-of-the-art camping equipments that are designed for extreme weather.

Food and hygiene

Our Sherpa Cooks are masters at preparing food under less than ideal conditions! Food is prepared for western palates while ensuring the highest standard of hygiene.