All visitors to Nepal, except Indian nationals, require a visa which can be obtained at the Nepalese Embassy or Consulate in your country. While they are also available at the airport immigration upon arrival, we advise that you obtain your Nepalese visa before leaving your home country as it usually means long delays.

However, if it is absolutely necessary to obtain your visa on arrival, be sure you have two passport-sized photographs and US$ 30.00 in cash. At Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan International Airport, the fee is payable in any major currency. It’s a good idea to have the exact amount on hand as change may be scarce. You will then be issued with a visa for 60 days. Visa application forms are available on a table in the arrival hall.

For postal applications passports should be sent by registered post, and include a post-paid return addressed registered envelope. Visa fee can be sent by Postal Money Order and Cashier’s Cheque payable to Nepalese Embassy. Personal Cheques are not accepted. Allow plenty of time for postage etc. We recommend that you apply at least 12 weeks before departure. An application form will be sent upon request by the relevant Nepalese Embassy or Consulate. Applications should be accompanied by 3 passport size photographs and the relevant Embassy charge. You can download a visa form from the Nepali Embassy in Washington DC at, or in London at For more information, please contact the relevant Nepalese Embassy or contact us for any relevant information.

The UK

Nepalese Embassy,
12A, Kensington Palace Gardens,
London, W8 4QU,
United Kingdom.
Tel: 0044-20-7229 1594/6231;
Fax: 0044-20-7792 9861;
Email: or


Nepalese Embassy
2131, Leroy Palace, NW,
Washington DC 20008,
Tel: (202) 667-4550/ 4551/4552;
Fax: 001/ (202) 6675534


Nepalese Embassy
189 Soi 71, Sukhumvit Road
Prakanong, Bangkok 10110,
Tel: 391-7240, 390-2280;
Fax: 00662-3812406


Nepalese Embassy
45, bis rue des Acacias 75017,
Paris, France
Tel: 46224867;
Fax: 00331/ 42270865

Please note that THE VISA IS ONLY VALID FOR 6 MONTHS FROM THE DATE OF ISSUE, i.e. you must enter within six months of the date of issue of the visa. THE VISA IS VALID FOR A STAY OF NOT MORE THAN 60 DAYS FROM THE DATE OF ENTRY INTO NEPAL. If you decide to stay on in Nepal for longer than the duration of your initial 60-day visa, you will need a visa extension for which you can do so in Kathmandu. Our office staff can advise you more on this.
Visa fee
Following is the latest regulation on Visa established by the Nepal Government; however, the requirements can change anytime without notice.
Single Entry    -US$ 30 (or Nepalese equivalent) for 60 days
Multiple Entry  -US$ 30 + US$ 50 (or Nepalese equivalent) valid up to 150 days
-There is no Visa fee imposed for tourists who visit Nepal only for 3 days
-Children under ten years need not pay any visa fees
-Re-entry facilities should be used within the validity of the visa period and should not be considered as a visa  extension
-Visa once issued cannot be withdrawn, visa fee cannot be refunded, and it must be used within six months  from the date of issue
-Visa will be extended subsequently for 30 days upon payment of US$ 30 (or Nepalese equivalent) for a  maximum period of 150 days in Visa year (Jan-Dec). Maximum permitted stay in Nepal on Tourist Visa is 150  days.
-You must be in possession of a valid passport which will not expire for at least six months after your journey is  due to end. Please note that you will need two passport size photos for any visa and two more for extensions.