Kailash Manasarovar

  • Max Altitude
    5,636m/ 18..
  • Trasportation
    4X4 Land Cruiser (Tibet), private bus
  • Trek Days
    3 days
  • Type

A holy pilgrimage to Mt Kailash, the navel of the universe

For centuries this snowcapped mountain in Western Tibet has been revered by Hindus and Buddhists alike as the Throne of the Gods and the mystical centre of the universe. Join the pilgrims on a trek along the 50 km route, with stunning views of this extraordinary peak. The stunning drive in to Kailash crosses the great plains of southern Tibet, inhabited only by nomadic herders. And finally a spectacular overland ride across the ‘other side of the Himalaya’ back to Kathmandu marks the end of this incredible journey.


  • Great overland journey through stark beauty of the  Tibetan plateau
  • Views of wildlife and Tibetan nomad camps
  • Superb sight of Yarlung Tshangpo river basin
  • Cross many high passes including MayumLa
  • The holy waters of Manasarovar Lake, and the adjacent  Raksas Lake
  • Rare Bon-po monasteries, the religion in Tibet that  predated Buddhism
  • Sharing trail with the pilgrims on the 'kora' of Mt Kailash,  including the crossing of the formidable 5,636m Dolma  Pass
  • Fantastic in-your-face view of the 'other side of the  Himalaya' from LalungLa
  • Great view of Shisapangma, the 14th highest mountain  in the world
  • Dramatic transition of scenery as you approach Nepal
  • Scenic drive to Kathmandu
  • A stay at Dhulikhel resort to unwind
  • Kathmandu's ancient temples and markets
  • Tibetan people of diverse groups and cultures
  • Active Buddhist practices and ancient monasteries
  • Day 1
    Arrive Kathmandu (1,330m)
  • Day 2
    In Kathmandu, sightseeing Kathmandu Valley
  • Day 3
    Drive along the scenic part of Nepal to the border at Kodari (1,900m) and up the Tibetan Steppe at Nyalam (3,750m)
  • Day 4/7
    Drive west across the Tibetan plateau to Saga (4,290m). Cross the Tsangpo and drive over the MayumLa (5,216m) to Lake Manasarovar (4,590m)
  • Day 8
    Drive to Mt Kailash BC at Darchen (4,675m)
  • Day 9/11
    Trek around Mt Kailash, crossing the DolmaLa (5,636m) before ending the trek at Darchen; short drive to Manasarovar
  • Day 12/14
    Drive back along the Yarlung Tsangpo River, descend to the border town of Zhangmu (2,350m)
  • Day 15
    Drive across the border to the lush Nepali resort town of Dhulikhel (1,550m) to unwind
  • Day 16
    Drive to Kathmandu; explore Bhaktapur Durbar Square en route
  • Day 17
    Trip concludes
  • All meals in Nepal and Tibet, except main meals in  Kathmandu;
  • All ground transport in Nepal and Tibet, including  airport transfers, as mentioned;
  • All accommodations;
  • All sightseeing tours;
  • All applicable permits and entrance fees;
  • Full trek staff arrangements including a Group Leader  and Sherpa guides;
  • Pack animals to carry personal and group equipments;
  • Use of Trek Pack;
  • Group medical kit;
  • All major group equipments, etc.


  • Although this is an camping adventure, we have the  option of using Tibetan Lodge facilities too if required
  • We also have options for the non-trekker to savour this  sacred environment
  • Roads prone to landslips from Nyalam to Nepal side  during monsoon; so be prepared to walk or wait until  the debris is cleared
  • Most road networks in Tibet outside cities and towns  are nothing but dirt tracks. Therefore, the drives,  although spectacular, are bumpy and tiring
  • It is possible to combine this trip with a visit to Lhasa  and make the overland journey through Kailash  finishing the trip in Kathmandu
  • There are other places of interest near Kailash which  could be added on this itinerary which are not featured  here
trip profile17 Day Trip 11 days drive 3 days point-to-point trek 3 nights Kathmandu 1 night Zhangmu 1 night Dhulikhel
type Camping
trip code CTKM
trek days3
accommodation5 nights Hotels, Guesthouses
trek accommodation11 nights, Camping, Tibetan Lodges (opt)
transport4X4 Land Cruiser (Tibet), private bus
when to visitMay to Sep
max altitude5,636m/ 18,490ft (DolmaLa)
average altitude4,000m/ 13,120ft
trip note--

We can carefully link trekking trips with rafting adventure, jungle safari, mountain biking, cultural tour, research and exploration in remote areas, or even another trek. You only have to ask.

Wildlife Safaris 3 day trip (2 nights/3 days)
The lush jungles of Royal Chitwan National Park preserve one of the last remaining examples of the primeval forest that once covered the Indian subcontinent. Chitwan is ranked among Asia's finest wildlife reserves, harbouring the Royal Bengal tiger, greater one-horned rhinoceros, leopard, sloth bear, wild boar, four types of deer, crocodiles, and over 400 species of birds. Unlike African game reserves, where one must drive vast distances to view wildlife from afar, Chitwan's forests allow you to view animals close-up and undisturbed in their natural cover.  Explore the park with a trained naturalist-guide atop elephants, in dugout canoes, on foot or in vehicles.
Whitewater Rafting 3 day trip (2 days/ 2 nights)
A two-day rafting trip in the Trisuli River, running between Kathmandu and Pokhara, is the perfect add-on to any trek, and can lead to Royal Chitwan National Park. A morning drive from Kathmandu or Pokhara takes you to the put-in point, where your guide gives safety instructions and practical pointers. Then the fun begins, with some thrilling whitewater action. Rapids alternate with tranquil waters on a relaxing journey through Nepal's middle hills and into the Terai plains. Camp is made on a broad sandy beach with time to swim, fish or explore the surrounding area. If you have never been in a raft before don't worry we can teach you the basics. Please note that we provide safety equipments to all the participants.
Rivers and Jungles 5 day trip
2 days Rafting, 2 nights/3 days Jungle Safari
A different kind of adventure: whitewater rafting combined with elephant safari riding your way through the primeval forests and river floodplains of Chitwan National Park. Rafting is the perfect way to rest up and wash off after the trek, and safari outings introduce a totally new environment where animals share the natural habitat with you! Driving to the raft put-in, you camp two nights on the river banks and then take a short drive to the jungle lodge for a three to four-day wildlife safari excursion.
Mountain Biking
The best way to explore the Kathmandu Valley and the spectacular villages on its fringes is on mountain bike. There are plenty of dirt roads and trials in and around Kathmandu to meet every mountain biker's wildest fantasy. We have a range of trips set in beautiful locales from just a day to 3-4 days.Involves cycling through undulating country on sealed and unsealed roads for 4-5 hours each day. If you haven't cycled since your school days don't worry as there will be a ratio of one guide to two participants, so you can cycle at your own pace.
Bird Watching
With over 860 species of birds (that's more birds than in the US and Canada combined and almost 8% of the world total!), Nepal is a paradise for bird lovers. And among them almost 500 species are found in the Kathamndu Valley alone! We have specialist guides who can take you to heavily forested areas of Shivpuri National Park, Phulchowki, Nagarjun or at serene marshy locations such as Taudaha that are home to some of the most exotic birds of the Himalaya.
Mountain Flight
For those who can not withstand the rigors of mountain climbing or trekking or are restricted by time or other considerations from doing so, the one-hour Mountain Flight is a good way to catching a quick glimpse of the best of the Himalayas. These flights offer the seldom seen and closest possible aerial views of six of the highest mountains in the world (i.e. Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Makalu, ChoOyu and Shisapangma) and the Tibetan Plateau. Mountain Flights appeal to all category of travellers including mountaineers and trekkers, and are guaranteed to give you an experience you are not likely to forget in a long time!
Short Treks around Kathmandu
You needn't travel far beyond Kathmandu to discover the leisurely charm of Nepalese village life and to admire the sweeping Himalayan views. These short moderate altitude treks of 2-3 days beginning from Sivapuri, Nagarkot, Kakani or Dhulikhel, take you through hillside terraces, thatched-roof settlements, and temperate forests, overlooking Kathmandu, sampling the serenity of a typical rural Nepal. Camping in the forested ridge along the Kathmandu Valley rim offers superb views of both snowcapped peaks and city lights.
Day's Hikes in Kathmandu
Few destinations in the world can match the diverse terrain and cultural sites that the Kathmandu Valley offers for the active walker. Our programs, while not being arduous, introduce village life, and even wilderness, in a short time, with day's hikes to forested hills such as Phulchowki (2,762m), Shivpuri (2,732m), Nagarjuna (2,145m) that reveal unexpected vistas of the snow-draped Himalaya on the horizon and the Kathmandu Valley below. In spring, these forests become God's slide show with the kaleidoscopic blossoming of red and pink rhododendron into thick canopy and grounds blanketed red by fallen petals.
Village Tours & Homestays
Village tours allow visitors to experience a stay in a typical village enjoying the warm local hospitality at the 'homestays,' where you will get delicious local food and drink, and comfortable accommodation provided by your host family. Run by members of the community, private homestays offer you an excellent opportunity to observe the rich indigenous cultural tradition from close quarter and interact with the locals on a more personal level. You will have the added satisfaction in the knowledge that you are contributing directly to the welfare of the village.
Cultural/ Sightseeing Tours
These tours introduce you to the rich tapestry of the cultural heritage of Nepal in the most convenient and comfortable way possible. These tours do not involve trekking. We concentrate on areas that are of cultural and historical interest and easily accessible by road. Some of the popular destinations include the seven monument zones named as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, all located within the small confines of the Kathmandu Valley. Our knowledge of the area ensures that we can take you to lesser known, but equally interesting and culturally rich places.
Although not a major activity, angling is gaining popularity in Nepal as a water sport. Fishing trips on white waters are generally organized before and after the monsoons from February through April and October through November. Boats, fishing rods and tackle are available on hire. The rivers of Nepal supports more than 100 species of fish including the human size catfish known as Gonch, famous sporting fish the Mahasheer, and delicious species, the Jalkapoor. Some popular fishing areas include Karnali, Babai in Bardiya, Chitwan's rivers, Dolalghat, and Pokhara's lakes. We also organize fishing trips in streams close to Kathmandu.
Adding dazzling colour to the Himalaya's myriad attractions are the many festivals that dot the calendar. All are full of life, colour and noise! A visit can add a fascinating new dimension to your holiday. Join in the numerous annual festivals that are celebrated throughout the year in traditional style highlighting enduring customs and beliefs. Your escort can provide informative commentary on local festivals and customs. We can incorporate any festival into your itinerary (subject to routing). Please note that festival dates vary from year to year.
Other activities
On a clear day, the hill resorts of Dhulikhel (32km from Kathmandu), Nagarkot (32 km east from Kathmandu) and Daman (80km SE of Kathmandu) afford magnificent views of Mt. Everest and other high peaks of Himalayan range. These resorts provide perfect retreat for those who are here to escape the hum-drum of everyday life or those travellers who need to unwind themselves after a grueling adventure. For others, the lake city of Pokhara provides endless opportunities for fishing, swimming, short hikes, canoeing, and boating along Phewa Lake with majestic panoramic views in the background.
More Adventures
Nepal has been a magnet for adventure lovers due to the variety of world-class adventure options on offer, apart from trekking and mountaineering, at affordable prices. We take bookings for activities such as Bungee Jumping, Paragliding, Canyoning, etc. These short but exciting adventures could be an excellent add-on to any trek.