• Getaway

    Non-trekking trips If you are planning a quick getaway, then try one of these action packed week or two with your tour leader on a non-trekking trip. Trips included here give the traveller on a very tight schedule the opportunity to sample the best Nepal has to offer, in a very limited time. No other stopover could offer you more.
  • Escape

    Introduction to adventure This is great if you have time constraints but still want to see as much as possible. It's also a gentle introduction to adventure with a few days of easy trekking in the middle hills on quiet trails that offer great views. Days are leisurely and there is plenty of time to wander along the tracks taking photographs, examining the wild flowers or stopping in small villages to chat with the locals. Variety, excitement, natural beauty, adventure are all included in this package. A great way to see all the highlights if you're pressed for time!
  • Discovery

    Trekking into the heart These adventures are journeys venturing into hidden enclaves of mountains via a mixture of standard trekking route and 'off-the-beaten-path' trail, which allow you to experience close and intimate contact with the local people in some of Himalaya's most beautiful areas. This is for the serious traveller prepared to put all their effort into seeing the world and who doesn't mind leaving the hum-drum of everyday life behind.
  • Exploratory

    Get down and get dirty! Our most exciting adventures that have you venturing into unchartered lands where there is varied terrain of moderate difficulty, spectacular mountain views, interesting villages, and friendly local people who see few trekkers. We may have designed a new itinerary into unexplored part of an existing destination, or created a first-time adventure to a new land. We continually research and choose different areas to make this trip as special as possible, so there is no pre-set itinerary. You are part of the exploration, helping make decisions as we go, and sharing insights with guides and local people about your experience.
  • Expeditionary

    Ultimate Trekking These adventures will take you higher than 5,500 metres and demand excellent fitness. Some previous high altitude experience will be a distinct advantage. These include a combination of mountaineering (non-technical) and trekking on high altitude. The use of mountaineering boots, crampons and an ice axe may be required. You will spend a reasonable portion of the trips at altitude and normally have several camps on or near glaciers.

These are severe tests of one's ability and you must be ready to accept challenges posed by situations which may contain an element of risk. For the prepared.