Who we are

We are a young and vibrant ecotourism adventure travel outfit based in Kathmandu, created by a group of experienced Nepalese trek leaders with a view to bring about a new wave of change in the way adventure travel trips in the Himalaya are run, and as a refreshing alternative to larger companies, with a high degree of emphasis placed on professionalism and Responsible Tourism practices.

We believe that adventure travel business is only as good as the people it employs. One may spend a considerable time shopping for a good company to travel with, but it all eventually comes down to the people they will be accompanied by and this is one of the areas where we hope to make the difference.

Having been born and bred in these Himalayan valleys, and spent an enormous amount of time exploring its interiors with a native’s understanding, we are qualified and eager to show you our beautiful land and share with our guests the passion we have for these mountains, and our sense of responsibility for being stewards of these very special places.


What we do

We specialise in arranging small group trekking expeditions and personalised custom adventure travel to exotic and remote destinations in the Himalayas at an unhurried pace. We have pooled our greatest adventures to create a whole range of incredible, diverse and previously unavailable adventures. We take you to lesser known spots by uncrowded as well as along ancient trade and pilgrimage routes, and into a land of discovery, allowing you to witness man’s interaction with the environment and giving you deeper insight into the people and the fascinatingly diverse cultures and environments of the Himalaya.

Some trips are hard and some relatively easier but the essence of all our holidays is the same, exploration and discovery. Quest adventure holidays are physical, intellectual and spiritual adventures-more a state of mind than a risky or arduous challenge.


What we hope to achieve

We seek to bring a new vigour in adventure holidays in a way you have not thought of. We aim to give people an exciting and adventurous holiday that fully appreciates cultures and lifestyles very different from their own, which at the same time expands their personal outlook on the world, and their own view of themselves in the world.

We also seek to play a significant role in pioneering new approaches to adventure tourism and contributing to our region’s tourism growth by distinguishing ourselves as an efficient, responsible, competitive and top quality trekking company.

With the greatest of sincerity, good faith and authenticity which form part of the ethic we embrace in our approach, we aim to give our customers the very best of both worlds: the same standard of quality, reliability, and experience that you’d expect from a larger international travel companies, while ensuring that you benefit from our expert knowledge on local matters as well as efficient logistical support.